Field trip

Field trip

The Tourmaline 2017 post-conference field trip focused at tourmaline variability in diverse geological systems. The conference venue was very suitable for the purpose, as it is very close to the eastern border of the Variscan orogene and the front of the Moldanubian thrust.

The field trip program was:

Day 1

(June 26)

Theme: Tourmalines from metacarbonates and associated calc-silicate rocks from the easternmost boundary of the Variscan orogene
Visited locality: Trhonice
Theme: Tourmaline in tourmalinites from mica-schists of the Svratka Unit
Visited locality:  Ujčov
Theme: Orthogneiss with F-rich tourmalines
Visited locality: Nedvědice
Theme: Distinct compositional  evolution of tourmaline in LCT pegmatites
Visited locality: Rožná-Hradisko (type locality of rossmanite)
Night: Skalský dvůr
Day 2

(June 27)

Theme: Tourmalines and anhydrous B-silicates related to anatectic processes in granulites and migmatites
Visited locality: Horní Bory
Theme: Tourmalines from NYF pegmatites of the Třebíč Pluton
Visited locality: Oslavice
Theme: Orbicular-tourmaline in leucogranites
Visited locality: Lavičky
Night: Kutná Hora
Day 3

(June 28)

Theme: Tourmaline granite – pegmatite – orthogneiss complex
Visited locality: Přibyslavice (type locality of oxy-schorl)
Theme (skipped):  Anatectic metapegmatites with tourmaline and dumortierite
Locality: Starkoč